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Our jeep tours, take place all over Cyprus, with English speaking drivers/guides and include pickup from your accommodation.

In addition to the routes offered below, we build customized routes for every need and request.

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Up to 8 people in one jeep (all seats are padded & with seat belts)

1. Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains, are the largest mountain range in Cyprus and one of the most beautiful areas on the island.

These mountains are not only significant geographically but also culturally and historically, holding a wealth of natural beauty, archaeological treasures and ecological diversity.

Beyond their geological significance, the Troodos Mountains boast a rich biodiversity. The slopes are adorned with lush forests, including pine, cedar and juniper trees, providing habitat for various flora and fauna.

The cultural and historical importance of the Troodos Mountains is equally profound. Scattered throughout the region are charming villages, each with its own distinct character and traditional architecture.

Many of these villages have preserved their cultural heritage, offering visitors a glimpse into Cyprus’s rural life and traditions.

One of the most remarkable features of the Troodos Mountains is the wealth of Byzantine churches and monasteries nestled within its folds.

On this tour:

  • Drive through the Paphos & Troodos Forests (off-road)
  • Visit medival venetian bridges
  • Enjoy the history of Byzantine churches
  • Visit small, beautiful waterfalls
  • Drive through the wine region and authentic villages
  • Enjoy traditional tavern lunch (not included in the price).

2. Earth & Water

Jeep Tour & a Cruise to the Blue Lagoon, Latchi

The Akamas Peninsula and the Blue Lagoon in Cyprus, are both stunning natural attractions, known for their beauty and unique characteristics. The Akamas Peninsula is situated in the northwestern part of Cyprus, near the town of Paphos.

Akamas is a protected nature reserve and one of the last remaining wilderness areas on the island. It is characterized by diverse landscapes, including rugged cliffs, deep gorges and lush forests.

The peninsula, is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, some of which are endemic to Cyprus. It is particularly known for its wildflowers, including rare orchids and is a habitat for the Mediterranean monk seal.

The Blue Lagoon in Akamas, is a stunning azure bay situated on the western side of the peninsula, near the village of Latchi and is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, making it a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling and boating.

According to Greek mythology, the nearby Baths of Aphrodite, where the goddess is said to have bathed, add a mythical charm to the Blue Lagoon area.

On this tour:

Explore the Akamas peninsula – off road

Visit Lara Bay – natural hatcheries of the Green turtle

Embark on a 3-hour cruise to the ‘Blue Lagoon’ and enjoy a 75 minutes stop for swimming

Drive through typical Cypriot villages

Enjoy traditional tavern lunch (not included in the price)

3. The Akamas Coastal Route

Akamas Peninsula, is located on the northwestern coast of Cyprus, near the town of Paphos. It covers an area of approximately 230 square kilometers.

The Peninsula is designated as a nature reserve and protected area, emphasizing its importance for conservation and environmental preservation. It is part of the Natura 2000 network, aimed at safeguarding Europe’s most valuable and threatened habitats and species.

The peninsula is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, some of which are endemic to Cyprus. It boasts a rich botanical diversity, including rare orchids and wildflowers. The area also supports a range of wildlife, including reptiles, birds, and mammals.

The Avakas Gorge, is a stunning natural attraction located within the Akamas Peninsula, The gorge was formed by thousands of years of water erosion, resulting in a deep and narrow canyon with towering cliffs reaching heights of up to 30 meters. The gorge is renowned for its striking geological features, including smooth rock walls and unique rock formations.

On this tour:

  • Walk in the Avakas Gorge
  • Spot endemic species of plants, herbs & flowers
  • Enjoy spectaculart rock formation and landscape
  • Visit Lara Bay – natural hatcheries of the Green turtle
  • Pass through small traditional villages
  • Visit baths of Aphrodite
  • Swim in crystal clear waters
  • Enjoy traditional tavern lunch (not included in the price)

4. Ancient Villages & A Hidden Natural Lagoon

Cyprus is rich in history and archaeological sites, including ancient villages and has a notable mining history, particularly in relation to copper mining.

The ancient villages of Cyprus, date back centuries and often boast well-preserved architecture, including traditional stone houses, narrow cobblestone streets and quaint village squares.

These villages provide valuable insights into the island’s rich history, with influences from various civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Venetians.

The Red Lake mine, has a long history of copper mining dating back to ancient times. It was once an active copper extraction site, with evidence of mining activity dating as far back as the Roman period.

The mine is characterized by its distinctive red-colored water, which is caused by the presence of iron oxide minerals in the surrounding rocks.

On this tour:

Visit one of our oldest monasteries on the Island, nestled within the heart of Mosfiloti, a picturesque village in Larnaca’s district.

Visit one of the most stunning copper mines (red lake) in Cyprus

Enjoy breathtaking views, through off-road driving

Visit a hidden, natural lagoon for a tranquil swim.

Visit a museum village- an old settlement that has retained its traditional medieval characteristics.

Visit the charming village of Lefkara, also known as Leonardo da Vinci village, in 1948.

Enjoy traditional tavern lunch at the village (not included in the price)

5. Cape Greco – Sea Caves (4 hours)

Cape Greco, situated near the popular tourist destination of Ayia Napa in Cyprus, is a stunning natural wonder.

This rugged headland, offers a unique blend of breathtaking coastal scenery, fascinating geological formations and rich mythology, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

One of the most iconic features of Cape Greco, is the Love Bridge, a natural limestone arch that spans across a crystal-clear turquoise sea.

This picturesque landmark, serves as a symbol of eternal love and commitment. Visitors can stroll along the rocky coastline, marveling at the beauty of the Love Bridge and capturing unforgettable moments against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cape Greco is also renowned for its mesmerizing sea caves, carved over centuries by the relentless forces of wind and waves.

These sea caves offer a fascinating glimpse into the geological history of the region and provide adventurers with opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Steeped in ancient mythology, Cape Greco is said to be the home of the mythical Cyclops, the one-eyed giant from Greek legend.

According to myth, the Cyclops Cave, located within the rugged cliffs of Cape Greco, served as the lair of this formidable creature. Today, visitors can explore the Cyclops Cave and imagine the tales of ancient heroes and mythical beasts that once roamed these shores.

On this tour:

Visit the most famous landmarks of Ayia Napa & Protaras

Visit the love bridge

Visit the sea caves (Palatia or Palace of Caves)

Visit the mythical cave of Cyclopes

Visit Konnos Bay – free time for swimming (watersport – optional)

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